Top Challenges Facing Job Seekers

Despite the fact that the recession began in 2008, current unemployment statistics show that we still have a long way to go.  According to BBC business statistics, unemployment is a lagging indicator. In other words, unemployment began to rise dramatically after the recession began; it didn’t rise immediately. It was a few months after the start of the recession before employment levels began to reflect the economic downturn. When the recession hit, unemployment figures were at 1.6 million ( a bit over 5 percent of the population). It wasn’t until the end of 2011 when unemployment peaked at almost 2.7 million.…

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Unpaid Internships: Are They Really Worth It?

When you find yourself unemployed, it’s tempting to be lured into doing an unpaid internship. On the face of it, companies are reaching out a kind hand, helping you back on your feet, helping you boost your CV. However, the face of internships has drastically changed since the recent global recession. Internships used to be a form of (paid) apprenticeship with a good chance of securing a job at the end. In more recent times, however, they have become more of a last resort for the long-term unemployed or an easy way for savvy employers to get free labour. Internships are increasingly displacing real jobs, particularly…

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