How To Use

Step 1.  Click on the Jobs menu at the top of the page and select ‘Search Jobs

Step 2Specify your search criteria.

You can search by Keywords and Job Category and (Region or Location) or a combination of all three. The Region will override the location.  In addition you can also check or uncheck the Job Types e.g. Full Time, Part Time etc.
The search uses implied boolean logic. You can use the hyphen to exclude search Keywords all other punctuation is ignored.

e.g. Service Desk Engineer                          (Find titles with Service Desk Engineer or any combination of the words e.g. Service Engineer.)
e.g. Service Desk Engineer -1st -Line        (Find titles with any combination of Service Desk Engineer excluding the words 1st and Line.)


Step 3. The results should appear automatically shortly after you select your criteria.

Step 4. Search Results
1. The number of matching records found will be shown just below the filter box.
2. Clicking in the main body of the listing or the heading will take you to the vacancy on the careers website.
3. Clicking on the Manage link will take you to the job listing summary page where you can bookmark the listing.
Clicking on the Linkedin link will take you to the Linkedin page of the company.
4.  Click on Add Alert to set up a Job Alert for the search criteria you have selected.
Click on RSS to generate RSS data from your search results.
Click on Reset to reset the filter box settings.

Note: All of our data is compiled by robotic algorithms and they do occasionally get it wrong.  Always visit the website and check the details.

When you click on the Manage link in the Job Listings, you are taken to the Job Summary page where you can bookmark the Job Listing, create a Job Alert and see related jobs.

Job Summary

When you click on the Add Alert link on the Job Listings page or the Job Summary page, you are taken to the Job Alert creation page.
Here you can give your Job Alert a name, specify the criteria that will trigger the alert and select the email send frequency for the alert.

Job Alert

Job Alert

Once Job Alerts have been created you can manage them on the Job Alerts page.

Results – Click on this link to see the results of the Job Alert
Send Now – Send the results to your email address now.
Edit – Edit the Job Alert
Disable – Disable the Job Alert
Delete – Delete the Job Alert
Frequency – Specify the send frequency

Bookmarks that you create are managed on the Bookmarks page. Clicking on the Bookmark will take you back to the Job Smmary page.


You can create job Widgets (HTML code) which can be embedded into other web pages.

How many users can access an account?

Each user that accesses our platform needs to register for a single user account.  If you are already logged in at one workstation and try to access the platform from another workstation, you will be logged out first .

Am I tied to any lengthy contracts?

No. Our subscriptions are billed on a monthly, quartely or bi-annual recurring basis and can be cancelled at anytime. You will only be charged for the remaining period that you are in.  We use Paypal  as our payment provider.   You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account page.

How many company websites do you monitor and how often?

We currently monitor in excess of 250,000 company career websites.The job listings displayed are principally of jobs on offer in the United Kingdom, or jobs overseas offered by UK companies. Our algorithm visits thousands of company websites every day.

Is there any limit on the number of Job Alerts/Bookmarks/Widgets I can create?

No.  You can create as many Job Alerts, Bookmarks and Widgets as as you require. You can search the data and create Job Alerts based on your own search criteria. Job Alerts are delivered to the email address that you use to sign up for your account.

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