How It Works

Company Jobs Direct is not an employment or recruitment agency.  Our careers site search engine gives Job seekers direct access to the jobs displayed on the careers websites of more than 250,000 UK employers. By using our platform you gain access to a large pool of skilled workers who can be contacted directly by email or phone – No job postings are required. Our platform gives you the flexibility to fill temporary or permanent positions with the minimum of bureaucracy.

If you just want your careers site and jobs listed for FREE, use the contact form to send us your careers site URL. Our crawlers will visit your careers page and list the jobs it finds each day for free.

If you need candidates, register on our site and search our Candidate database.  You can contact as many potential workers as you need directly, by downloading their CVs using your subscription. 

Company Jobs Direct is a magnet for skilled workers who upload their CV’s because they want to know who is employing, and to make themselves available for direct contact from employers.  We do not get involved in any employment activities.  All contact is done directly with your potential candidates.

By subscribing to our platform you gain access to a large pool of skilled professionals looking for new career opportunities who you can contact directly.  

Benefits include:

  • An audience of 30,000 Job seekers searching our platform every month. 
  • 1000 CVs a month uploaded to our platform.
  • The convenience to search CV profiles and contact Job Seekers directly by email or phone.
  • Exposure of your careers website and jobs.
  • No job postings required –  our crawlers find your careers website and jobs.
  • Simple user subscription rate to help you fill vacancies all year round for less than 84p a day.

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