Electrical Engineer, Cryo/RF

  • Full Time
  • Berkeley
  • Salary Guide: £30,000 - £65,000


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Rigetti UK Limited

Category: Construction & Property:Engineering, Size: N/A

Rigetti UK Limited is committed to working with the best people possible and as such offers a renumeration and benefits package for Electrical Engineers commensurate with experience and qualifications. Please visit the website for further information.

Position: Electrical Engineer, Cryo/Rf
Location: Berkeley
Hours: Full Time
Salary Guide: £30,000 – £65,000
Last Updated: 19 June 2022
Job Category: Construction & Property:Engineering

Electrical Engineer Role:

An Electrical Engineer, or Electromechanical Engineer, is an important professional in the power, transport, telecommunication and industrial sectors. Duties include researching, designing and maintaining electrical power systems and products used in diverse industries.

Other Duties:

  • Designing, implementing, maintaining and improving electrical products and systems.
  • Using engineering software and equipment for computer-aided design and other complex technical tasks including AutoCAD
  • Establishing and enforcing construction, manufacturing and installation standards.
  • Performing feasibility studies for industrial, domestic and commercial technical developments.
  • Overseeing maintenance, inspection and system upgrade programmes.
  • Calculating project costs and delivery timelines.
  • Providing quality assurance for ongoing projects
  • Collaborating with clients and other professionals.
  • Writing reports, giving presentations and meeting with clients and management.

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