Production Planner

  • Full Time
  • Texas
  • Salary Guide: £25,000 - £60,000

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Category: Manufacturing, Size: 1-10

Flowserve is committed to working with the best people possible and as such offers a renumeration and benefits package for Production Planners commensurate with experience and qualifications. Please visit the website for further information.

Position: Production Planner
Location: Texas
Hours: Full Time
Salary Guide: £25,000 – £60,000
Last Updated: 03 August 2022
Job Category: Manufacturing

Production Planner Role:

Ensures goods manufactured by employer are produced in a cost-effective way that meets quality specifications. Makes sure that goods are ready to distribute to customers in a timely fashion. Improves the company’s production and distribution processes. Ensures the production and distribution of products runs smoothly.

Other Duties:

  • Liaises with sales division to determine customer requirements
  • Approves materials, costs, manufacturing equipment, and the size of workforce needs to manufacture goods
  • Predicts how long a project will take to complete
  • Develops a production schedule detailing all tasks and when they should be completed by to meet predicted completion date
  • Liaises with customers, suppliers, the human resources department, and maintenance employees to ensure all workers, materials, and machinery will be available when required
  • Monitors project’s progress to ensure it’s following the schedule
  • Troubleshoots problems that occur during production, including staff shortages and machinery malfunctions
  • Organises project paperwork, including purchase orders, and maintains records
  • Monitors production and raw material costs
  • Collects and assesses data about the production and team’s performance
  • Prepares reports about production processes for upper management and suggests ways to improve efficiency

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