Sales Representative Woodworking machinery

  • Full Time
  • Australia
  • Salary Guide: £25,000 - £70,000

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Felder UK Ltd

Category: Sales:FMCG, Size: 1-10

Sales Representative Woodworking machinery: Felder UK Ltd

To support its growth Felder UK Ltd is looking for a new member to join its team in a supportive and friendly environment. This role will suit a self-motivated individual who can work with minimum supervison. The successful applicant will have good interpersonal and communication skills, and will be open to new learning and ideas. Please visit the website for further information about this role.

Position: Sales Representative Woodworking Machinery
Location: Australia
Hours: Full Time
Salary Guide: £25,000 – £70,000
Last Updated: 14 January 2022
Job Category: Sales:FMCG

Sales Representative Role:

A Sales Representative meets and communicates with customers to recommend products or services and persuades customers to buy them. Duties include explaining the features and benefits of products and services to customers, helping customers find offers that meet their preferences and providing after-sales services.

Other Duties:

  • Contacting existing and new customers to explain the advantages of buying their companys products or services
  • Communicating with customers before and after a sale
  • Delivering presentations for persuading customers to buy new products or services
  • Processing sales transactions and operating the cash register
  • Resolving customer complaints and concerns
  • Handling customer returns, price changes and discounts
  • Maintaining an in-depth understanding of the companys products or services to advise and make suitable recommendations to customers
  • Attending conferences to understand industry trends

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