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Delivered Revenue In Excess of £365 Million
(Documents Are Available To Support This Upon Your- Request)

IT Solutions & Infrastructure Specialist

A result driven, self-motivated and resourceful Business Development Director with proven track ability to develop and strengthen organisation departments in order to maximise company profitability and efficiency. Experienced in leading and growing Departments of a business to make it a dynamic and progressive organisation. Possessing excellent communication skills and able to establish sustainable, profitable relationships with customers, stakeholders, suppliers throughout the UK and Europe.

Now looking for a new challenging management position one which will make best use of my existing skills and experience, giving the opportunity to strategically deliver further growth to the organisation whilst allowing further personal and professional development for myself.


A compelling range of achievements across the public and private sector delivering both solutions and services that has generated multi million pound revenue streams. With full expertise and experience across all Commercial Sales practice and leadership, from development, contractual to large scale client management. Managing multiple teams,ranging from Project Managers, Commercial and Sales professionals. Personally I have developed organisations from having a small market share with a turnover less than £3 million to sustained growth culminating turnovers of over €35.6 million Euro.

Delivered Example Revenues Include:

*              £1.275 million TCV- North Tyneside Council/Cofely GDF Suez
*              £750,000 TCV-Mersey Informatics
*              £965,208.00 TCV-West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Areas of Expertise:

*              Sales Leadership and Management
*              Developing new revenue streams
*              Business growth and development
*              Commercial Risk Assessments
*              Market research and analysis
*              Sealing long/short term revenue streams
*              Experienced closer
*              Client retention
*              Project Management
*              Product Launch
*              Financial Management
*              Marketing-Search Engine Optimization SEO
*              Financial Management
*              Cost Control
*              Commercial Contracts with values of up to £25 million each
*              Transformation
*              Software, Delivery/Integration/Solutions
*              Infrastructure
*              IT Consultancy
*              Communications
*              Management of multiple departments including, Commercial and Sales



Key Skills and Competencies:

*Results-Orientated with a positive outlook and a clear focus on high quality relationships that deliver revenue and market share

*Comprehensive experience as a Business Development Director for Several multi million pound turnover businesses

*Strong leadership skills internally and key relationships with customers, stakeholders and suppliers

*Entrepreneurial with commercial Development acumen and excellent management skills

Inspiring innovation through Ideas that lead to new revenue opportunities

High Industry Knowledge With Experience Across:

*              Information Technology
*              Healthcare, public/private sector
*              FMCG
*              Distribution
*              Property/Construction
*              Engineering
*              Construction
*              Property
*              Managed Services
*              Outsourcing
*              Facilities Management
*              Logistics and Transport
*              Finance
*              Energy
*              Utilities

*Public sector organisations, Police, Local Government, NHS, Fire and Rescue

*Technology, Network Infrastructure, Data, High Security Networks, Software,--- Technical Products/Services, Data 

Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
Diploma in Manufacturing & Product Design
Diploma in Change Management
Diploma in Business & Legal Studies
Diploma in Statistics
Diploma in Quality Management
Diploma in E-Business
Diploma in Information Technology Management
Diploma in General Science
Diploma in Modern Project Management Theory & Practice
Diploma in Project Management
Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology
Diploma in Six Sigma
GNVQ Business Studies Grade AA

A Level History Grade A
10x GCSE 3 x A* 4 x A 3 x B

Additional Training:

Operations Management Leadership
Cost Estimation
Quality Management
ISO Training
HSE Standards
Quality Assurance
Customer Change/ Management
Client Operations
Governance & Regulatory
Audit & Reporting
Commercial Leadership
Multiple CRM Systems
Microsoft Office 365

Hobbies and Interests:

Physics and Astronomy, Japanese Acers (plants)

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