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Direct Hire Staff in the UK

Company Jobs Direct is a SaaP platform. Clients use our platform to insert direct hire  jobs listed on their own careers websites into the “Google For Jobs” search engine. This allows candidates to find your jobs through Google search, and contact you directly via a link to your own careers page. No ATS, software, widgets or schema markup is required. 

Our algorithms can scan your careers website; find your jobs; post them to Google; and display them to over 50,000 job seekers who visit our platform each month. Use our platform to direct hire permanent and temporary staff. Post your jobs and advertise your careers website for free when you subscribe to our candidate database.

By using our platform you gain access to a large pool of skilled workers who can be contacted directly by email or phone. No job postings are required – they’re optional. 

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Direct Recruiting

Company Jobs Direct is a magnet for skilled workers who wish to be contacted by employers directly, as opposed to using intermediaries.  We do not get involved in any recruitment activities.  All contact is done directly with your potential candidates.
By subscribing to our platform you gain access to a large pool of skilled workers looking for new career opportunities whom you can contact directly.  We operate an on-demand subscription service, meaning that as soon as you have filled your vacancies you can cancel your subscription at any time.  No long-term contracts to contend with.

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Direct Hire Algorithm

The Company Jobs Direct platform is not like a traditional job board. Our algorithms can scan your careers website looking for job titles and descriptions and bring those job roles into our vacancy board. This can save you time as you only need to post vacancies in a single place – your own careers website.

Free Job Postings

Alternatively, your subscription lets you post as many jobs as you like directly into our platform for free!

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Build Your Brand

Many popular Job Boards use anonymous job ads to prevent job seekers from knowing who the employer is. Our philosophy is to try and widen the scope of information available to Job Seekers by providing a “no hassle” direct link to the employers careers page. Our platform is particularly helpful to employers who prefer to recruit and direct hire without the use of intermediaries.  


  • An audience of 50,000 Job seekers searching our platform every month. 
  • 1500 CVs a month uploaded to our platform.
  • Post unlimited vacancies.
  • Search CV profiles and contact Job Seekers directly by email or phone.
  • No job postings required –  our crawlers can find your careers website and jobs.
  • Recruit for less than 84p a day.
  • Cancel at anytime.

what our customers are saying

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"We prefer to recruit all employees using our in-house HR team. Last xmas this site helped us to find some great candidates while promoting our own careers website." HR Assistant, Wales

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"When I need to get people on board quickly, this site saves me a lot of time and energy. I can contact candidates directly and shortlist or interview at my own pace without being pressured.
HR Manager, London

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