Compliance Manager,

  • Full Time
  • Nottingham
  • Salary Guide: £26,562 - £63,750

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P & I Generators Limited

Category: Strategy & Consultancy, Size: 11-50

Compliance Manager,: P & I Generators Limited

Due to continued growth P & I Generators Limited is looking for a focused individual to step into a well-established role within the organisation. Applicants for this position will have a friendly outgoing personality and be able to contribute to the team with creative ideas and thinking. This is an opportunity for the right candidate to advance their career in the industry, with a benefits and rewards package to match. Please visit the website for further information about this role.

Position: Compliance Manager,
Location: Nottingham
Hours: Full Time
Salary Guide: £26,562 – £63,750
Last Updated: 03 August 2022
Job Category: Strategy & Consultancy

Compliance Manager Role:

A Compliance Manager, or Compliance Supervisor enforces policies and plans programmes to ensure the legal and ethical integrity of the company. Duties include ensuring that departments adhere to the rules and regulations that the company upholds, planning reports and discussing new rules and regulations with management.

Other Duties:

  • Conducting interviews and surveys to ensure that employees are compliant with regulations across the companys various departments
  • Conducting investigations to discover the root cause of compliance problems when they arise
  • Performing research to stay informed about environmental standards
  • Educating employees and partners through documentations and brochures on how to improve compliance
  • Examining and improving auditing processes to resolve compliance issues fast or prevent them entirely
  • Hosting meetings with employees to address any concerns that they may have about ethical and compliance matters within a department or industry
  • Motivating employees to not only strive to meet compliance standards, but also to exceed them for operating efficiency
  • Leading and helping in the design of programmes that improve compliance

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