General Counsel

  • Full Time
  • London
  • Salary Guide: £45,000 - £80,000

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Moni Growth Ltd.

Category: Legal, Size: N/A

General Counsel: Moni Growth Ltd.

To support its growth Moni Growth Ltd. is looking for a new member to join its team in a supportive and friendly environment. This role will suit a self-motivated individual who can work with minimum supervison. The successful applicant will have good interpersonal and communication skills, and will be open to new learning and ideas. Please visit the website for further information about this role.

Position: General Counsel
Location: London
Hours: Full Time
Salary Guide: £45,000 – £80,000
Last Updated: 15 June 2022
Job Category: Legal

General Counsel Role:

A General Counsel, or Chief Legal Officer, is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with laws and regulations while carrying out its business and operations. Duties include advising board members on relevant laws, responding to litigation and overseeing the development of legal policies and procedures in the company,

Other Duties:

  • Presenting legal advice to company Directors, Board Members or Heads of Department
  • Developing long-term strategies with senior management to keep a company’s operations within legal spheres
  • Organising licensing or copyright for new products or company branding 
  • Developing and training a team of legal experts that can provide sound advice across the company’s areas of operations
  • Assisting the company to move into new markets in countries with different laws and regulations
  • Preparing documents, evidence, arguments and identifying legal precedents that can be used to justify the company’s decisions or actions
  • Representing the company in legal cases that are taken to court
  • Keeping the company informed and up to date on new laws and regulations that might be applicable to their business

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