Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Full Time
  • Milton Keynes
  • Salary Guide: £31,875 - £47,812

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Mk Community Foundation

Would you like to play a part in supporting vulnerable.... Role: Communications Manager, Category: Marketing & PR, Size: 11-50

Marketing and Communications Manager: Mk Community Foundation

Would you like to play a part in supporting vulnerable.

Position: Marketing And Communications Manager
Location: Milton Keynes
Hours: Full Time
Salary Guide: £31,875 – £47,812
Last Updated: 12 May 2022
Job Category: Marketing & PR

Communications Manager Role:

A Communications Manager, or Communications Director is responsible for all internal and external communications within the company. Duties include scheduling emails, delivering presentations and arranging public relations (PR) opportunities.

Other Duties:

  • Planning and approving regular communications to be sent out to employees, including staff newsletters and company news reports
  • Developing a companys voice thats in line with branding and values
  • Liaising with PR or marketing teams to create external communication campaigns
  • Developing and distributing materials that may convey or explain the organisations policies, position or position on issues
  • Communicating with customers to generate more business and attending trade, PR or customer-focused events
  • Creating and managing release dates for recurring publications
  • Developing long-term communications strategies
  • Directing public relations and marketing staff or providing communications training for employees
  • Supervising projects to make sure all content is publication-ready

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