Project Manager

  • Permanent
  • London
  • Salary Guide: £26,562 - £58,438

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Consult Solutions

Category: Strategy & Consultancy, Size: 51-100

Project Manager: Consult Solutions

Whether already part of the industry, or ready for a brand new challenge, Consult Solutions is looking for an enthusiastic individual to join the organisation and play a key role in servicing its clients. Applicants should have a strong customer focus as they may be dealing with external clients as well as various departments within the company. Please visit the website for further information about this role.

Position: Project Manager
Location: London
Hours: Permanent
Salary Guide: £26,562 – £58,438
Last Updated: 12 May 2022
Job Category: Strategy & Consultancy

Project Manager Role:

A Project Manager,  or Project Leader,  plays a vital role in helping organisations turn ideas into products and services. Duties include planning, executing and supervising projects to meet management’s strategic objectives and to ensure project delivery within budget and on time.

Other Duties:

  • Meeting with top management and clients to identify project requirements, delivery timelines and costs
  • Developing detailed project plans to guide clients, staff members and project teams and revising based on changing needs and requirements
  • Identifying and assigning project tasks based on the skill sets, experience and strengths of staff members
  • Monitoring project performance to ensure timely delivery
  • Compiling and submitting project status reports to clients, management and other stakeholders
  • Working effectively with relevant stakeholders for efficient project implementation
  • Developing excellent leadership, customer relations and communication skills to liaise effectively with all project stakeholders 

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