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  • Full Time
  • London
  • Salary Guide: £23,375 - £31,875

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M J Quinn Integrated Services Ltd

(If the above link does not open immediately.... Role: Site Manager, Category: Construction & Property, Size: 11-50

Site Manager: M J Quinn Integrated Services Ltd

(If the above link does not open immediately.

Position: Site Manager
Location: London
Hours: Full Time
Salary Guide: £23,375 – £31,875
Last Updated: 14 January 2022
Job Category: Construction & Property

Site Manager Role:

A Construction Manager (CM), or Site Manager manages the execution of a range of construction projects from beginning to end. Duties include adhering to the project’s schedule and timeline, delivering the project on time within budget and risk management.

Other Duties:

  • Planning, scheduling and coordinating the project strategy and design, reporting progress and budget matters to the client
  • Preparing and negotiating timetables, cost estimates, budgets and contracts
  • Managing the construction process, supervising all activity on-site, responding to delays
  • Collaborating with specialists such as architects, engineers and local government officials for permits and licences, contractors and clients
  • Complying with legal requirements, safety and building codes and keeping daily logs and diaries
  • Ordering equipment and materials, managing their use and managing the personnel involved
  • Hiring and instructing labourers and sub-contractors
  • Enforcing safety procedures, minimising risk, ensuring the use of protective clothing, hard-hat, harnesses and other safety equipment

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