You are currently viewing A resume is a resource that can impress your employer before an interview – make it attractive.

A resume is a resource that can impress your employer before an interview – make it attractive.

A resume is one of the most important tools to help you secure a job. It is a document that presents your professional and personal skills before a potential employer. Resumes are considered important because they have a big influence on hiring managers. An employer’s hiring decision can easily be swayed with an attractive resume. If you have a catchy resume, you can easily get your first interview.

The majority of applicants don’t get called for interviews, even though they have the experience and skills required for the job. This is often because they’ve submitted a poor resume. In this article, we will tell you how to create an attractive resume. First, lets look at the major reasons why a resume is important.

How can your resume impress an employer?

This is how your resume can impress your employer:

  • A resume is a document that outlines the skills you have that are needed for the job.
  • Resumes highlight the benefits you can offer to your employer and their company.
  • The resume provides a complete insight into your work experience.
  • It shows the degree of professionalism on your part.

Gone are the days when lengthy resumes were required by hiring managers. Today the attention span of employers has become very short, and they don’t spend more than five to ten seconds on a resume until and unless they find it interesting. This means that you have a very short time frame to win the hiring manager’s interest. We’ve discussed some of the best ways to make your resume attractive in the next section!

How to make your resume attractive?

Today, creating a resume is not as difficult as it was in the past. You can easily create a resume with the help of an online resume builder. A resume maker can provide you with pre-designed templates. You can use these templates and customize them with your own information. Below, we discuss tips to help you create an attractive resume. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating the CV manually or using an online resume creator; these tips should be useful.

Use font styles that are professional and simple

If you want to make your resume attractive, you have to make sure that you are using a simple font style. Too many applicants think that using a funky font style will make their resume stand out, but this is not true. If you want to make your CV attractive, you need to use simple and readable font styles. If the text is not readable, then your resume will be thrown in the bin. An online resume maker should only offer simple font styles in their templates.

Only add relevant information for the job posted

As we mentioned before, the attention span of hiring managers has become very short. If you want to secure an interview for the job position that you’ve applied for, we suggest that you only add information that’s relevant to the job requirements. Adding any unnecessary detail can get your application rejected.

Add the important information first in your resume 

Whenever you write a resume, you must organize all information by importance. You have to focus on showcasing the qualities that would make you the best candidate for the position. It is important to present relevant and important information first. The employer might have more resume applications having stronger points than yours. Using the reverse chronological resume template offered by a resume builder should help you present important information first.

Divide your resume into different sections 

No hiring manager or employer is interested in reading long paragraphs. Similarly, nobody wants to dig out information from large chunks of text; they want clear and concise information. So you need to divide your resume into different sections and present information into bullet points. The important sections that you need to add to your resume include personal information, work experience, skills, education, achievements & certifications. All information should be listed in bullets to make the resume more skimmable. 

Use an attractive visual template for your resume

Today employers are head over heels in love with visual CVs. Resumes that are a mixture of both textual information and visual elements are considered the best ones. Resumes made using plain text are less atractive today. If you wish to be called up for an interview and land the job, you need to use an attractive template to present your information. You can easily find eye-catching resume templates with the help of an online resume maker. 

Creating an attractive resume is easy once you get familiar with the best online resume builders. There are dozens of free CV maker tools that can help you, so don’t worry about the cost of creation and design!