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How To Get Clients Interested In You As A Freelance Writer

Starting out in a freelance capacity takes a lot of guts. You will already possess the necessary skills to write to earn money as a freelance writer. However, the real challenge for you as a freelancer is convincing other people of your prowess so that you can make a sale.

Most bigger companies have the money and resources to market themselves to get clients interested. Unfortunately, you do not have this luxury when you are starting out in a freelance capacity. As such, you will need to come up with some creative ideas to get clients interested in your freelance business.

Put Together A Writing Portfolio

When a business starts to consider using your skills as a writer, they will need proof that you have the skills necessary to fulfil their needs. Once you start working as a freelance writer for a bit you will soon be able to point to published examples of your work. Until then, you should consider putting together a writing portfolio.

A standard writing portfolio is a compilation of some of your best writing examples. It is important to date these in chronological order to showcase your development. Some of the pieces you include can be published works of yours, but it also helps to include some more obscure pieces that showcase where your writing talent started.

Volunteer Wherever You Can

A great way to fill your writing portfolio is by volunteering your services to anyone who needs it. Volunteering like this can prove to paying clients that professional organizations are willing to use your materials. It also provides you with plenty of materials to pad out your writing portfolio. Charities and educational bodies are always looking for written materials that they can benefit from, so make sure you get in touch to start getting your work out there. If you want to get yourself started in this way, then you should consider contacting:

–              Mental health organizations

–              Youth services

–              Tutoring sites

–              Ad agencies

Set Up a Website

When your writing portfolio is all put together, you are going to need a place to put it so that your clients can find it. You could always send it to clients that get in contact with you, but you will receive a lot more responses from people if they can see your portfolio first. Also, these clients will need a way to access your contact information.

As most freelance writers work from home, your website will act as your virtual office as well as your most prominent piece of marketing for yourself. Websites are easy enough to construct yourself in modern times. As well as looking professional and featuring your writing portfolio, your freelance writing portfolio must also contain:

•              A way to contact you such as your work email address.

•              Your pricing

•              What type of work you do

•              A list of any affiliated businesses

You can always look at examples from other freelance writing sites. There are plenty of these that you can find to provide you with inspiration.

Expand Your Reach

One huge advantage that modern technology has given us is that it has made it easier to reach and communicate with international markets.

This means that you can try to expand your reach o ensure that you get enough work to pay the bills. The language barrier shouldn’t be an issue when writing for an international market either. Companies like Rosetta Translation provides Chinese translation services. This means that your freelance work can now enter an entirely new market and attract clients from there.

Use The Right Platforms

Another positive of living in the 21st century is that freelancers no longer have to work alone. There are now lots of freelance platforms that you can sign up for and get your work out there. These platforms can advertise you and provide you with consistent work. The people that run the platform will take a cut of your profit, but using a freelance platform like this can help you to start getting work out there. Once you have a steady income based on your writing work, you can then start trying to break out on your own. Also, try to use other users’ reviews before you start working for a freelance platform to ensure that the site is legitimate.


Your next step in reaching clients after you have worked using a freelance platform is getting in contact with businesses that you have written for before. Anyone that has used your writing work before will be pleased to use your services again. It is your responsibility to reach out and inform clients of your new freelance working procedure.

Networking in this way puts your name in the minds of the people that are likely to use your writing services again. If you get lucky, these individuals will then pass on your name as a freelance writer to other people that they know who may also be in need of your services. As a result, you start to become a valid recommendation in the freelance writing community.

Understand What You Offer

When you go down your writing portfolio it should give you a good idea of what kind of voice you have as a writer. Understanding your voice is the best way to find out what type of clients you should be approaching. Some freelance writers can write and understand business articles while others may have a more creative voice. Make sure you focus on one specific style, preferably the one that you are best at so that you know that you are giving your clients the best work that you are capable of. It may take some time to understand yourself as a writer, but doing so ensures that you only offer the best work possible.


It is a better time than it has ever been to start working in a freelance capacity. Freelance writers now have the best tools and technology to reach enough clients to make enough money from their projects. Put in the necessary work and you should be rewarded with a solid career as a freelance writer.

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