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How To Attract and Retain Clients for Your Taxi Business in 2023

Whether you work on behalf of a taxi firm or have your own fleet of cabs, you’ll know that customer satisfaction is a top priority. Nobody will use your services without satisfied customers, and it’s terrible business when people aren’t using them.

Due to this, taxi firms must look beyond the traditional ways of building their customer base and maximising their profit and implement clever, new tricks to attract and retain clients. But how can taxi businesses achieve this?

From using social media to expand their reach and implementing a twenty-four-hour booking service to using effective branding and recruiting friendly drivers, we outline several of the best ways for taxi businesses to attract and retain customers in 2023 below:

Use Efficient Branding

If your firm operates in a large city like London, Nottingham, Edinburgh etc., you will compete with hundreds of other private hire and taxi firms daily. Due to this, you want your fleet to be able to stick out amidst your competitors, which can be easily achieved using branding.

Whether one of your drivers is stuck in a queue of bumper-to-bumper traffic or taking a break in a layby, new and existing customers will be able to recognise your taxi, making your firm recognisable and popular among city-goers.

As well as serving as an excellent marketing technique, branded taxis increase your professionalism, establish your brand, and cut advertising costs. Fortunately, buying unbranded used, purpose-built, or new taxis like the Toyota Corolla from retailers like Cab Direct can make the process easier.

Their site has various unbranded vehicles including the Toyota Corolla, which you can brand with your company logo, contact details etc., to increase/retain custom. You can enquire online about any of the cabs on offer and find the right one to suit your needs. 

Recruit Friendly Drivers

Although you might think that your brand-new fleet of Toyota Corollas is the face of your taxi business, it’s your drivers. Part of being a private hire or taxi driver is building a rapport with your customers to heighten their experience and convince them to keep using your services. So, if they’re met with a curt and unsociable driver, they won’t return quickly!

Therefore, you should recruit skilled and friendly drivers who are well-versed in customer service or willing to be trained. As well as vetting drivers before offering them a job, you should outline your customer service policy to each driver so that they know your expectations and ensure minimal bad experiences.

Promote Via Social Media

In the digital age we’re living in, it would be nonsensical to ignore social media’s usefulness for businesses. With an average of 57.10 million social media users in the UK alone, companies that aren’t using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., as a promotion tool are making a significant mistake and missing loads of potential traffic.

With social media, you can advertise your taxi company, keep an eye on competitors, connect with like-minded businesspeople, engage with your customer base, market your latest offers/promotions, etc., all for the whopping cost of nothing. It also allows you to develop your business page to attract new clients and retain your existing customer base. 

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