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Four Things You Need To Know About Hiring New Staff

Hiring new staff is one of the most important investments a business can make. Bringing in employees who are truly the right fit for open roles and your workplace culture is essential for long-term success. However, the hiring process can seem daunting, especially for small business owners or hiring managers who may not have extensive HR experience. There’s also the current skills shortage in a lot of sectors, specifically IT. The good news is that following some fundamental best practices can set you on the right track to building an amazing team. Here are five key things you need to know about strategically hiring excellent new staff.

Carefully Screen Applicants To Find The Right Fit

The hiring process begins with reviewing applicant resumes. Look beyond just qualifications to get a sense of each candidate’s personality and work style. Do they seem aligned with your company culture based on past roles and experience listed? Flag promising applicants for phone screenings where you can ask targeted questions to further gauge fit. Check references thoroughly to validate skills and behaviours. Extensive screening will help ensure you select applicants who are truly the right match for open positions.

Attract The Best Staff By Showing What Makes Your Business Special

When hiring new staff, it’s important to attract the most qualified and passionate candidates. One way to do this is by emphasising what makes your business unique and worth working for. Share your company mission and values prominently in job postings and on your website, and highlight your great company culture and any special perks or benefits you offer. Demonstrating why your business stands out will entice top talent to apply. One of the best ways to stand out is with a recruitment video. It can take applicants behind the scenes of your company and clearly demonstrate your brand personality and values. If you’re looking for a team that is experienced in producing recruitment videos, get in touch with the team at MHF Creative. They’ll put the time into getting to know you and your business to create a true insight into your company culture.

Structure Interviews To Draw Out Relevant Insights

Conducting insightful interviews is crucial for evaluating candidates. Structure your interviews to go beyond shallow questions that elicit rehearsed responses. Ask smart situational and behavioural questions that give a real insight into how applicants think, problem-solve, handle stress, work on teams, etc. Also, incorporate roleplaying exercises that put applicants in hypothetical scenarios they may encounter on the job. Probing with depth and purpose during interviews will reveal useful information to inform your hiring decisions.

Check Capabilities And Compatibility Through Working Interviews

Take the interview process one step further by including working interviews where candidates perform elements of the job. For example, if hiring a copywriter, have applicants draft a sample press release for your company. This gives you a first-hand look at their abilities in action. During working interviews, observe how candidates ask questions, interact with team members, respond to feedback, and more. This shows both their capability to do the work and their compatibility with your existing team. Test-driving applicants will reduce guesswork when determining if they can excel in the role.

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