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What Are the Best Types of SEO Jobs?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to digital marketing strategies. SEO jobs play a significant role in ensuring digital content, and advertising reaches the target audience. The larger the company, the greater the objectives for the success of your products and services.   

Now is a great time to start thinking about a career change. SEO services aren’t going anywhere. The way SEO impacts marketing techniques continues to evolve. 

We have you covered if you’re thinking about what types of SEO roles are available. Keep reading to learn more about the best types of SEO jobs. 

SEO Jobs for Digital Marketers

SEO jobs for digital marketers come in many forms. One opportunity that people might not know about is SEO podcasts. Becoming an SEO podcaster allows you the freedom of becoming an entrepreneur, teaching small business owners valuable tips to grow their businesses.

The salary for this SEO career is limitless. Provide valuable content that elevates your podcast as one of high authority in the industry and watch your audience grow. 

Senior SEO Manager

In the corporate arena, a senior SEO manager is a lead position in the marketing department. The Sr. SEO manager is similar to the account manager role. They take the lead in executing strategy for the client’s SEO services. 

They must have a solid knowledge base when it comes to:

  • Keyword selection
  • Keyword utilization
  • Content creation
  • SEO for websites
  • Site architecture
  • Link building and more

The senior SEO manager works in coordination with the SEO strategist. In smaller companies, the two positions can get combined into one role.

The salary range for SEO careers in this field can vary based on their classification. These roles average between $55K and $93.5K annually. 

SEO Content Marketer

The SEO content marketer is responsible for tracking the progress of SEO services provided to clients. Their essential duties include maintaining an editorial calendar, performing research for the client’s industry, and monitoring the following:

  • Social media posts
  • E-marketing campaigns
  • Infographics
  • SEO for websites
  • Written communications
  • and other creative forms

After a campaign launches, the content marketer must determine the ROI for the client. A marketer can earn, on average, $61K annually.

SEO Strategists

The importance of SEO to the clients is to get ahead of the competition. To gain leverage, the marketing strategy must determine the client’s true target audience. 

The SEO strategists do a competitive analysis to determine the best strategy for each client. They use the information to determine the benefits of SEO to help the client reach their individual goals. 

The information gets provided to the project team for execution. The SEO strategist role pays, on average, $58K annually.

It’s Time for a Career Change!

Digital marketing is crucial to reaching your target audience online. SEO jobs provide a valuable service for companies looking for a competitive edge. Each position brings valuable skillsets to help clients reach their goals.

Job seekers have an ally to help find the best SEO positions. Check out our extensive job database to find your next career. 

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